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by five am


Who are we?

Five AM is a production group and indie record label with a belief on building an artist/producer run community and innovating the music industry. We focus on developing artists to make great music with meaning and purpose whilst helping them build sustainable full time careers through developing their skill set and making new systems that work for each artist individually. With this at our core we aim to disrupt and play a part in innovating the music industry locally and globally and grab platinum plaques along the way

The problem

  • The business side of the music industry is built off systems and ideas created over 100 years ago

  • These systems specifically around ownership and royalties are set up to benefit corporate players and their interests rather than the artists

  • Independent artists not having a way to fund themselves, most artists have to work part time or full time jobs

  • There is currently no good system to share life-time royalties of works

Image by César Couto

Major label deal breakdown

  • Major music company (label or publisher) will normally take 80-85% of Artists income, leaving artists with 15-20%

  • Typical deal with a major will take 5-10 years to complete, major music company will then continue to control and exploit the artists work for another 5-20+ years.

  • Money advances tend to be low (especially in NZ) compared to what you need to deliver and you still need to make all their money back.

  • Advance for an artist to create an entire EP in NZ is usually between $7500-10K and is usually the only money they will get

Our Goals

  • Give Independent artists an easy to use platform to source financial backing for their projects and work 

  • Disrupt the music industry by creating a platform where artists can allow their fans to invest in their work.

  • A&Ā to become a house hold name and project for the new era of the music industry

Image by Adrian Infernus

How it works

  • A&A is a platform that will allow us to share and sell ownership of artist works through NFT’s to the artists fans, audience and new investors of that artist and the NFT space.

  • Through A&A Artists will be able to use this system to pitch new or existing projects and decide on a percentage of their royalties they are willing to put up for offer. 

  • Fans and Investors can then purchase NFT’s that will hold actual royalty percentage share of earnings from DSP’s

  • NFT holders will be able to connect their wallet to A&A and receive royalties in crypto each time royalty payments for that project come in

  • These NFT’s can then also be resold with artist having a re-sell percentage.

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What makes us different?

  • We aren’t new to this, we have been building new systems for Five AM artists that work for them.

  • We find and develop talented artists with global potential - Niko Walters, Mikey Dam, Dan Martin are a few examples of successful talent we have A&R’d and developed. 

  • We have a global network of artists, producers and music companies we work with stringing from Six60 to Kanye West and this is growing every week.

  • We are artist and music first at the core.

Image by César Couto


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