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Spotify monthly listeners: 121,000
Spotify streams: 9,000,000
Youtube subscribers: 370
IG followers: 3,000
Hometown: Christchurch
Currently in: NZ

From studying design and only songwriting and singing in her bedroom alone, to dropping out of Uni, facing her fears, making a girl band and performing at RNV. When BEXY finally decided to follow her dreams nothing could stop her. After her debut release Wish We Had History back in 2019, BEXY has landed on; Spotify playlists globally like NEW MUSIC FRIDAY USA and CHILL HITS, Top NZ radio charts, and top 50 viral charts; securing herself as one to watch in the NZ indie-pop scene. BEXY has a diverse sound, from stripped soulful folk songs like her single 'YOU DON'T LIE' to fully structured indie-rock anthems like 'You Expect me To Not Be Inlove?" BEXY is excited to release a larger body of work this year and do her first Headline tour with a full band. 

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Notice me (Unreleased)Artist Name
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Mikeyy - I just want my homies (UnreleasArtist Name
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Spotify monthly listeners: 842
Spotify streams: 300,000 (No playlisting)
Youtube subscribers: 157
IG followers: 2,800
Hometown: Iraq
Currently in: Wellington

Mikeyy's ready to hit the ground running in 2021 with a whole run of new singles on the way. Lively, energetic hyper pop with a full live band. A little bit of electronica, pinch of urban influence and a easily digestible pop sound.

* Opening for Chaii on her upcoming NZ tour.

* Massive support from the new generation of kiwi artists behind Mikeyy

*300,000 streams without any playlisting


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Spotify monthly listeners: 394
Spotify streams: 40,000
Youtube subscribers: 77
IG followers: 800
Hometown: North Shore
Currently in: North Shore

Lighthouse (Unreleased)Artist Name
00:00 / 02:52
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A future legend in the making. Self produced Maori songstress HINA is already turning heads after hitting the music scene in December with her debut 'MUSE' EP.

* Played at Auckland Arts festival at the Civic

*Played at the Americas cup village

* Praised by TEEKs as one to watch

*Full live band for performances

Adam Snow

Fighting (unreleased)Artist Name
00:00 / 03:13
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Spotify monthly listeners: 10,000
Spotify streams: 200,000 (Two songs)
Youtube subscribers: 208
IG followers: 800
Hometown: Palmerston North
Currently in: Auckland

Fijian-New Zealand, Palmerston North based songwriter Adam Snow has shared his delicate debut single, 'Say to Me'. Adam began by making bedroom beats, before teaming up with childhood friend and New Zealand producer/songwriter Rory Noble. Since, the pair have been collaborating on Adam Snow's debut body of work.

The breezy, soft pop sweetener "Say to Me" is a snapshot of modern-day relationship culture confusion. Co-written with R&B wonder Mikey Dam, Snow's silky falsetto and lyrical transparency glide over velvety chords seamlessly.

2021 will see Adam Snow release a whole run of fresh singles including his NZ on air funded music videos yet to be released.


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Harry Parsons

Anything (Unreleased)
00:00 / 03:49
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Spotify monthly listeners: 3,000
Spotify streams: 500,000
Youtube subscribers: 224
IG followers: 2,000
Hometown: Cambridge
Currently in: Auckland

​​Born in Dorset (UK) raised in Cambridge(NZ) and now Auckland-based, Harry Parsons offers your dose of local melancholy-drenched pop. With tasteful indie-rock influences and infectious melodies, Parsons has effortlessly connected with audiences around New Zealand who struggle to leave him singing and swaying alone. It's his "undeniablyaddictive" lyrics (HAPPY MAG) and roughly sweet charm that will hook you into a musical oblivion, perfectly showcased in latest single 'Good Time'. Keep your eyes peeled for more new music due for release later this year!

Harry has just received $40k funding from NZ on air for a new project in 2021

- opened for Laiika and Georgia Lines - Tuning Fork

- headline show at Cassette 9

- headline show at Wine Cellar 

- open for Tash Sultana 2018 - Auckland town hall (sold out)

- open for Lime Cordiale 2019 - Galatos (sold out)


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