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‘MACEY’ is all about the ultimate rebellion; embracing vulnerability. He creates soul on your sleeve, introverted pop tunes that unashamedly expose the anxiety and insecurities of love, loss, friendship and sexuality. 

Crunchy guitars and live driving drums bring MACEY’s love anthems to life, with special attention given to the soaring vocals that cut through each track, earnestly spilling the truth. He invites you into a world of raw, heart on your sleeve stories, reminiscent of artists like Joni Mitchel, Jeff Buckley, The 1975, Bruce Springstien and The War On Drugs to name a few.

These stories, wrapped up in a blanket of dramatic synths, guitars and drums give us a window into the heart and soul of MACEY. He hopes so desperately to connect with us, to share the weight of it all, and in doing so gain some catharsis along the way.

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All Videos

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